Sunday, May 06, 2007

Cavity Central

Yesterday, I went to the dentist to have a cavity filled. This was an anxiety-ridden trip for me because I haven't had a cavity in at least ten years. I'm not kidding! I had a pretty good run with great teeth for a while there.

But now, as she took an xray to check out the progress the cavity had made before she filled it, she discovered two more cavities. ARGH! Two of them are in the tough spot - right in between your teeth.

I really don't get why I'm having these dental problems all of a sudden now. It's frustrating because my reign as the "No Cavities" Queen has ended. And I'm sad because I had completely forgotten how much novocaine sucks.

She gave me a pretty good shot I guess, because I was still a bit numb 6 hours later. Of course that didn't stop me from enjoying dinner out at my favourite cajun seafood joint with friends though. At least this time I had an excuse for spilling my food and diet coke. "No, really, I'm numb on that side!"

Reminds me of that old Bill Cosby bit that he did about going to the dentist. Anyone remember that? Oh-buh Kay-bee. :-D


cipriano said...

The Cosby thing remains as one of my all-time favorite bits!
I have it on video and have watched it 800 times. The dentistry part never fails to crack me up, ROYALLY.
That and the section about being drunk.
Then there is that infamous line.... about his father's disappointment when Bill and his wife produced a son, rather than a daughter... his dad looks over his shoulder.... "Hmmm. Looks like you forgot to put a stem on the apple!"
Then, my favorite bit of all. He tells of how people defend their cocaine addictions.
"I do it because it accentuates my personality!"
Cosby says... "Yeah! But what if you're an asshole!"
The guy is a legend.

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