Saturday, November 29, 2008

Celebrities Endorse Book-Giving For the Holidays

From Elmo to Deepak Chopra to John Lithgow, a whole lineup of celebrities declare books great gifts.

There have been more Christmases than I can remember where I've marvelled at a deliciously new stack of books amidst the shredded wrapping paper and bows. It's always been my favourite thing to give and receive because a book can do so many things for a person. It can be an education, or an escape. A time-passer, or a heart breaker.

So you've heard the celebrities' reasons...why do YOU think books make great gifts?

Friday, November 28, 2008

Revival: Dusting Off the Cobwebs

So it's been what, almost a year and a half since I've blogged here. Shame on me...especially since my last post was about tips for being a good blogger. Heh.

Today I was inspired to dust off the cobwebs, and get writing again. I'm four months into my maternity leave, and have found myself feeling a bit lost. I love being a mama, and love that I have the luxury of time at home to care for Littlelicious until next July. However, when I brought him home from the hospital, I lost my identity as I knew it.

For over ten years, I've been a career woman. I defined myself on my jobs and aimed to achieve and set the bar high. I thrived on the daily rewards of accomplishment.

And now, my daily accomplishments include getting Littlelicious to nap for an uninterrupted hour, avoiding being spit upon, and coaxing those delightful little giggles out of my son.

That's a whole different world of accomplishments right there.

Anyway...I went to The Company's holiday luncheon today, where I reveled in the company of my colleagues, and decided it was time to reclaim my sense of self. Or at least the part of it that I can while balancing a four-month-old on my hip.

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