Saturday, November 29, 2008

Celebrities Endorse Book-Giving For the Holidays

From Elmo to Deepak Chopra to John Lithgow, a whole lineup of celebrities declare books great gifts.

There have been more Christmases than I can remember where I've marvelled at a deliciously new stack of books amidst the shredded wrapping paper and bows. It's always been my favourite thing to give and receive because a book can do so many things for a person. It can be an education, or an escape. A time-passer, or a heart breaker.

So you've heard the celebrities' reasons...why do YOU think books make great gifts?


Alias Grace said...

I don't think anything is as rewarding as curling up to a particularly good read. It's the one time that you're really forced to make "me" time in a crazy busy workaday world.

Literalicious said...

I agree wholeheartedly. Now if I could only find a few hours of solitude... :)

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