Friday, June 15, 2007

Script Frenzy 2007 - Do I Dare?

Even thought it's halfway over with, I've just registered for Script Frenzy 2007. As a former NaNoWriMo participant (and winner! hurrah!) I know how crazy it is to set this lofty goal of writing a novel/script/whatever within a month.

I haven't completely decided if I'm actually going to write a script as an official participant (having only 14 days remaining in the challenge - yikes!). But if I do, it will definitely be a stage play, since that's where my experience lies.

The constant problem I've always had, though, was coming up with a plot. A feasible plot that isn't too..."out there" to be real.

Ideas are as welcome as a warm apple pie...


Arukiyomi said...

I'd never written anything fictitious of any length until earlier this year when I hammered out a 14,000 word script for a drama club I run.

I really enjoyed it and our performance is next month so I'm in the thick of it. It'll be amazing to see it live on stage.

Unfortunately, I need another 6000 words to enter that challenge!

Literalicious said...

Congrats on finishing your script! There's always Script Frenzy 2008 you know.

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