Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Boot-Scootin' Books?

At my old job (a long, long time ago), when I used to travel a lot, my colleagues and I played the airport boredom game, whereby you try to guess the occupation of passersby simply based on their clothing, hairstyle, actions, etc. It was a fun, brainteaser sort of game that passed the long layover hours amusingly.

Today, I found myself thinking about a similar game, but this time I was considering my neighbour across the street. I have never officially met her (they moved in not too long ago) but she is frequently out in the front yard with her chocolate brown dog (a lab mix?) wearing short shorts, a bikini top, bare feet, and a cowboy hat. Oh, and she's blasting Carrie Underwood from her truck's stereo while she does her boot-scootin' yardwork.

Instead of wondering what her occupation is (Does she have one? I dunno!), I found myself wondering what types of books she likes to read. Does she devour a good swashbuckler with Fabio on the cover? Perhaps a little chicklit late at night? Or maybe, just maybe, being a cowgirl at heart, she's into Louis L'Amour. I'll bet she's more sophisticated than I give her credit for. I'll bet she's a Can Lit girl.

One of these days I'll finally wander across the street to say hello, and it will be one of my first questions because after all those years of the airport game, I never got to know if I was right about a person.


Amy said...

I am bad at games like that. I guess I don't pay enough attention to detail.

BTW...I tagged you for a Meme!

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Literalicious said...

Thanks for the tag! :)

It's fun to play that game when you've got lots of time to kill...particularly at airports.

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