Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Top 10 Things for a Busy Day Off

Is it sad that I can't really remember what it feels like to take a real vacation day? Yeah, I had the week off during the holidays, but so did everybody and their brother.

Tomorrow I have a vacation day (the first of FIVE by the end of March!), and I'm not really sure what to do with myself. Well, not true I guess...I have a list of stuff to tackle:

1. Take the car in for maintenance. (Pretty happy I chose a Honda these days.)

2. While I wait for said car, start reading 1 of the 3 books from the Fall 2010 list that I downloaded to my eReader (ahh Sony, how I love taking 20 books with me everywhere I go).

3. Drink a tall vanilla bean latte (skim, no foam), and enjoy while it's hot.

4. Make an appearance at the gym. (Who art thou, stranger?)

5. Post-workout, see if the Superstore has any whole fryer chickens left that are on sale because frankly, we make a darn good chicken noodle soup at our house.

6. Glance at Blackberry email to see what I'm missing.

7. Take a long hot bubble bath and catch up on the latest issues of Chatelaine and Best Health.

8. Pop into the library to find a good book on potty training. Yeah, we're creeping up on that stage already. :-\

9. Cook something delicious for dinner (but not chicken noodle soup because there's already a batch in the fridge!).

10. Figure out what in the heck I should do on my next day off. (Maybe, nothing!? Because after all...LEISURE RULES!)


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