Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Have You Ever Seen a Bear in Tighty Whiteys?

Thanks to the super sweet Dan over at Raincoast Books for brightening my day with a copy of Bear in Underwear by Todd Harris Goldman.
This very silly (and totally my style) book follows Bear and his wilderness pals as they frolick and play in the woods. When Bear stumbles upon a backpack, they discover a veritable smorgasboard of fun with a variety of undies.
Large and small, dorky and dirty, bear tries them all until he finds the perfect fit.
While Littlelicious is still a little too young to appreciate the full humor of the book (he doesn't even know what underwear is!), he had a good ole time repeating the names of the animals.
We'll keep it on the shelf for the upcoming years, but you bet I will be giggling my way through it repeatedly until then.
Oh, and did I mention the touch 'n feel tighty whiteys that Bear is sporting on the cover? *teehee*


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