Tuesday, April 17, 2007

It's All Mush

As you can tell from my lack of creativity in my previous post's title (which should have been something along the lines of "Blood, Guts, and Crack, Oh My!" or actually, maybe "Bloody Hell, That's a Crack of a Good Book." Okay, I'll stop.) my brain is tired.

You know when you start a new job, there is so much input and a very little output that your brain starts turning to mush.

Yah, that's me. It's day two. But honestly? I can totally see that once I get over the wee little speed bump of a learning curve, I'm going to kick ass at this job.

I just keep telling myself to look back at where I was three years ago. Now think three years ahead.

Am I making any sense here? Maybe I should call it a night... :-P


cipriano said...

Actually, you are making PERFECT sense to me.
What you are suggesting, [correct me if I am wrong] is that you would be doing far better at your new job if you were doing Crack!

.H said...

You'll totally kick ass at this job. I have no doubt.

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