Friday, April 06, 2007

Some Pig!

With my long hours of commuting to work, I've learned to love audiobooks. It took some getting used to, but now I actually (sort of) look forward to the drive because I can continue the story where I left off and lose myself into another world (partially) for an hour or so. People can tailgate and cut me off all they want, and somehow I don't care.

Usually, I steer clear of audiobooks that are read by the author, but I've found one that you absolutely MUST hear, even if you are not a fan of audiobooks.

Charlotte's Web is a short audiobook -- only 3 discs long -- but every moment of it is something to be cherished. It is read by E.B. White himself, and there couldn't be a better reader for it. It's as if your grandfather is reading you a story. You can even hear him turning the pages now and then!

It's such a heartwarming story, and it really comes alive when it's read aloud. I remember my first exposure to Charlotte's Web. I was in third grade, and my teacher read the book aloud to our class at the end of every day until we finished. It really made a huge impact on me, I guess, because I still love the story. And this is the second time I have listened to this version of the book.

Have a listen using the handy little widget above, and tell me what you think!


cipriano said...

Sounds great. [Sounds very much like Michael Caine!]
I usually ABHOR audio-books, I simply cannot concentrate. I lose the thread.
But this one does sound strangely listenable!

This has not much to do with anythin. But seriously, is there anyone as adorable as Dakota Fanning?
Is it just me?

.H said...

You will love the audio book environment you are about to enter. We all listen to them and trade them up when we're done. I'm listening to Eragon right now and am really enjoying it.

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