Friday, April 06, 2007

It's a Young and Restless Friday

I love being home on a weekday to catch up on trashy daytime tv. And my big thrill for today was the fact that they finally killed off Dru on the Young and the Restless. Hallelujah! That woman drove me nuts for YEARS on that show. Now if they could only do something about Victoria. And Nikki. Oh, and Sharon's really irking me too.

Why am I watching this again? :-D


cipriano said...

I love being at home on a weekday also.
I set my one alarm clock last night for a certain time, just so it could wake me up so that I could look over at my OTHER alarm clock, the really mean SCREECHY [possessed by Satan, I think]... one, and LAUGH AT IT!
I pointed and laughed, then went back to sleep!
For me, this extra day means I can catch up on some reading time.
I have VERY LITTLE reading time during the normal weekdays. It is the major lament of my life! When I am away from books, I am away from a great great love, and the absence does indeed make my heart grow fonder!
Right now, for instance, I am reading Fall On Your Knees, and I notice from your profile that you consider The Way The Crow Flies as one of your all-time favorites, as do I.
Wasn't it phenomenally good?
This one is promising to be equally literalisciously© good!
Happy weekend to you!
[Adding you to my elite blogroll of Other Puddles].

Literalicious said...

Thanks for the add :) And yeah, The Way the Crow Flies was unbelievable phenomenal. I know it got a lot of comments that it didn't live up to the success of Fall on Your Knees (thanks Oprah), but IMHO that's ridiculous. They're both very different works, and I felt that I connected with Crow more intimately.

cipriano said...

Both books [well, I am reading them in reverse order, I guess] but I mean, they are so amazing.
I can't put this book DOWN!

scarbie doll said...

Oh that "off the cliff" stuff was priceless. And I love how they're going to drag it out for weeks. LC made me watch it on YouTube for a laugh at the end of the workday last week. Fun!

How did you do your Spring Reading Thing on the side bar? You're going to have to show me when we're a desk away from one another.

Literalicious said...

Gotta love their use of slow motion just at the right time. And when do they not drag out a storyline for weeks, if not years? Heck, they finally dealt with Sheila after years and years of her being away. Sheer craziness, and yet somehow, I. Just. Can't. Stop. Watching.

The Spring Reading Thing in the sidebar is a text element with html tags added. It's a sticky widget though because every time I have to change something, I have to add tags back in to make it format right. *grumble grumble*

hip_ragdoll said...

Oh. My. Gosh. But did I see that because I was away at conference and we had a break -- I ABSOLUTELY did. It was hilarious, and I haven't seen an episode of the Y&R since I was in second year university. SERIOUSLY.

Anyway. Very off topic but still, I'm thinking that the most exciting thing about soap operas is the fact that you can watch over ten years later and all the same people are doing all the same things: they're just married to SOMEONE else.

Aw, if real life were like that...

Literalicious said...

You're SO totally right. I grew up watching Y&R with my mom, so I was a fan for years. I eventually stopped watching it after entering the working world, but now when I catch an episode, it's weird to see how the couples have swapped. It's kind of creepy and gross too. Nick and Phyllis?! Come on!

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